About ukfsn.org

UKFSN is a UK based Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering a range of broadband, online backup, hosting, domain registration and other services over the internet.

A strong Free Software identity infuses everything we do starting with honest advertising - our services are accurately and clearly described without any hidden catches or "Fair Use Policy" tricks. 

As part of our commitment to Free Software UKFSN uses its profits to promote and fund Free Software in the UK.

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Contact Us

Our contact details are below. 

Sales Telephone 020 3002 4830
Sales Email
Backup, Hosting & Domains Support 020 3002 4830
Support Email
Broadband Support & Billing 020 3002 4831
Postal Address UK Free Software Network
190 Aycliffe Road
Hertfordshire WD6 4EL

In order to provide the best possible services we partner with selected suppliers of service for broadband and online backup services. Where this is the case the terms and conditions of that supplier apply and are provided as part of the ordering process and may be accessed from the Terms and Conditions page on our website.